Welcome to the first WReNNZ Online Educational Workshop!

WReNNZ is New Zealand's national wildlife network, open to everyone interested in New Zealand wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. Annually WReNNZ provides quality wildlife education focused on best practice rehabilitation, biennially hosting a national wildlife conference, alternating with national wildlife workshops.

WReNNZ’s 2020 Educational Wildlife Workshop was planned for 15th May at Auckland Zoo but was postponed due to the national response to COVID-19. In place of this, we have worked hard to bring it to you in an online format.

We have a number of exceptional speakers covering a range of critical topics related to wildlife rehabilitation, and we hope that you will both enjoy and learn a considerable amount from their presentations.

Workshop Details

    1. Directions to the Member's Noticeboard

    1. Brian Robertson - WReNNZ Chairperson

    1. Dr Janelle Ward - Parasites of Birds

    2. Dr An Pas - Native and non-native species

    3. Dr Lynn Miller - Gut Biome

    4. Dr Liza Schneider - Wildlife Rehabilitation at ARRC Wildlife Trust

    5. Brian Robertson - Aviary Design and Predator Proofing

    6. Dr Janelle Ward - Avian Anatomy and Physiology for Rehabilitators

About this course

  • 8 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content