WReNNZ Terms of Service and Disclaimers


Course: Training classes conducted by WReNNZ online.

WReNNZ: Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand.

Student: Person purchasing, enrolling in and taking the course.

You: Person purchasing, enrolling in and taking the course.

Wildlife rehabilitation: Wildlife rehabilitation is the care and treatment of sick, injured or orphaned wild animals. Wildlife rehabilitation aims to release rehabilitated animals back into their natural habitat as healthy, wild animals.

Terms of Service:

All content in these courses, including but not limited to articles, multimedia, social media, written instruction, handouts, quizzes and tests are the intellectual property of WReNNZ and participating speakers, and intended for the sole use by the enrolled student. The student agrees not to share any content with any other person or organisation for any reason, without explicit written authorisation.


WReNNZ is a New Zealand non for profit organisation, which performs valuable educational services to those interested in the best practice rehabilitation of wildlife. WReNNZ aims to provide high quality, relevant and accurate educational material and workshops. The authors and publishers of these programmes are experienced, educated and have gathered information from other reliable sources. Due to regular updates in the education and practice of wildlife rehabilitation and the care of birds, the currency and accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. The education material contained within the courses and workshops is not a substitute for formal education or training.

Some techniques taught, or equipment referred to in the courses may be unlawful for an individual to perform or possess in some countries, and it is the responsibility of the student to comply with local and national law in their country of residence.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CADAVERS MAY BE USED IN THE PRESENTATION VIDEOS, I.E. DECEASED BIRD BODIES. Cadavers are utilised so live birds are not placed under undue stress to demonstrate specific procedures. The bodies are treated with care and respect, but WReNNZ and their speakers will not be responsible should you, the student, find these demonstrations offensive.


WReNNZ does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of sixteen. If you are under the age of sixteen, you must ask your parent or guardian for permission to enrol in a WReNNZ online course. If we learn that a child under 16 years old submits personal information to WReNNZ without the proper consent, we will unenroll the student and delete the information as soon as possible.  Our refund policy will apply.

Course access:

The email address registered with Stripe at the time of payment should agree with the email registered with WReNNZ.  If these details do not match, we reserve the right to put your account and course on hold until the matter is resolved.

Course access will only be permitted while your payment is honoured.

Course Timeframes:

There is a six-month timeframe for all our online workshops and courses. After six months, students will no longer have access to online content, such as presentations and videos. However, the student is free to keep all downloadable content such as forms and PDFs for their personal use.


WReNNZ offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 24 hours from the purchase date. The platform tracks the percentage of progress through the course. If you are not happy with your purchase AND you have viewed 50% or less of the course within the first 24 hours AND have not downloaded more than 50% of the available downloadable content, we will refund the entire purchase price. Please email us directly at admin@wrennz.org.nz with details of the course purchased, the reason for a refund, email address and full name.

Permits and Licences:

Wildlife rehabilitation is a restricted activity regulated in many countries by a national or regional wildlife agency. In New Zealand, rehabilitation of any protected species requires an authority (permit) from the Department of Conservation.

WReNNZ has no way of determining which students have the necessary permits or training for lawful wildlife rehabilitation. Each country will have its requirements and regulations for granting permits or licenses for wildlife rehabilitation. It is the student's responsibility to comply with legal obligations regionally and nationally in their country of residence.

The student understands that purchasing, enrolling in, and the successful completion of any WReNNZ online course does not give the student authority to possess, capture or rehabilitate wildlife. The student understands that receiving a certificate upon successful completion of any WReNNZ course is not considered a permit, license or industry certification.

Release of Liability:

Interaction and handling of wildlife can be hazardous to human health and safety. Guidelines and instructions contained in these courses aim to reduce the risks and encourage the safe practice but cannot eliminate the hazards.

The student takes full responsibility for their actions, whether or not that action is to follow the guidelines and instructions provided in these courses. WReNNZ, authors, publishers, and any and all agents involved in the production of these courses shall not be held legally responsible for any consequences resulting from the student's actions.

In consideration for the opportunity to learn about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation through participating in courses offered by WReNNZ, I, the student, on behalf of myself, heirs, beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, agents, child or children, wards, and conservatees, or any or all of them, do hereby release and discharge WReNNZ, together with the assignees, directors, agents, employees, members, officials, heirs and their successors from any and all liability, and from any and all incidental, or indirect, special or, consequential damages, including but not limited to, the loss of salary or wages or loss of opportunities, injury, accident, illness or death arising out of, as a result of, or in connection with said activities or instruction learned or followed in these courses.